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Gina Valentina
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Kali Roses
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"Holy fuck what a babe. Killer body and a natural at VR to boot. Not the most vocal, but girl's got a bright future ahead of herself imo. Wankz did a nice job showcasing her in this one. Great scene, guys!"

- Dodecahedron420 on 'Ella's Fella', /r/oculusnsfw

"WankzVR is also one of the few studios that releases 2 scenes a week. The others are all 1 release a week only. You are literally getting double the content from WankzVR."

- bbasara007, /r/oculusnsfw

"Awesome scene! I loved Gianna and Whitney getting it on early on! Whitney has amazing eyes and a great tongue! Gianna is just gorgeous! I didn't make it past the girl on girl shit at the start! lol"

- Tallbloke35803, on 'Boxed Lunch', WankzVR Forums

"Easily one of the best scenes you have ever made. Angles were spot on across the board (mish and esp cowgirl were mindblowing), Adria is more beautiful than ever, lots of intimacy, probably my all time favorite wankz scene."

- Grimgrom, on 'Adria's Fun House', WankzVR Forum

"WankzVR is really building a reputation as a good studio for setup scenes. Most studios release "skip to the good part" videos, but Wankz keeps me watching through the whole thing. It's a mix of good acting from the models and good direction by the studio, and so far it's working well."

- DBRift, on 'Fuck My Mom & Me', /r/oculusnsfw

"WOW. I hope you guys have many more of Gia. I would pay for a sub with just her, no joke!"

- Mogdor1, on 'The Early Worm Gets The Bird', WankzVR Forums

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